Like any other homeowner across the world, you have every right to feel safe and secure. This is particularly the case when you are within your home. You simply want your property to have the much-needed features to protect you and your family. While you may desire those costly security alarms, you might have forgotten about your garage door.

Given the size of your garage door, it is safe to say that it takes up a large portion of your home. Unfortunately, most homeowners often neglect it. They seem not to care about their garage door, not to mention its optimal performance. Well, this is not usually the case when the garage door starts malfunctioning. And what you probably did not know is that its opener might be having issues.

Why You Should Get A Brand New Garage Door Opener

Given the fact that garage doors are there to serve important functions, it is only safe to assume that it deserves a top-notch garage door opener. Only then can you be sure that your garage door is all about providing safety and reliable operation. Plus, a quality opener can always give you a much easier management of the door’s overall size and weight.

While garage door opener installation is quite beneficial, you need to find out first if it is the best decision to make. To help you in this matter, it is imperative to check out some of the many reasons. They are stated below, so you will know if you need one in the future:

  • The garage door is already 10 years old or more.
  • Opening the door is usually loud.
  • Your garage door simply lacks some convenient features that modern garage door openers offer.
  • You want to further improve its reliability.

If you think your garage door opener is having problems – and you are experiencing one or many of the reasons above – it is time to call a professional. And there is no better name in Maryland than Better Place Garage Doors. We have a team of expert technicians, all of whom are trained, insured, and certified in the field of garage door opener installation. The next time you are having any issue, it is ideal that you do not hesitate to contact us.

Better Place Garage Door Offers Two Types of Garage Door Opener

It is time to compare a Belt Drive Garage Door Opener with a Chain Drive Garage Door Opener.

Unlike a chain drive, a belt drive can significantly reduce the noise whenever the garage door is raised or lowered. They are just a much better option when it comes to noise cancellation. Also, belt drives can do a great job when it comes to lifting almost all types of garage doors. You will also love its speed, as it can lift garage doors a lot quicker.

A chain drive, on the other hand, is known for its strength. Hence, there is no worry about the possibility of it slipping during the process. With its unmatched strength, you can really depend on its durability and longevity. Well, given that it is well-maintained, of course. Lastly, chain drive garage door openers have more availability. They are also the least expensive on the market.

Are you interested in garage door opener installation? Do not worry – our team of professionals got you covered. We offer only the finest garage door openers, namely, LiftMaster garage door opener and Chamberlain garage door opener. What is more is that, unlike our competitors, we offer the most affordable and professional garage door opener installation. There is no need for you to take time and burden yourself with doing the job on your own. Invest less time and manage all garage door opener installation costs. Contact us today!

Leave the Garage Door Opener Installation to the Experts

The installation of a garage door opener is something that you should not do on your own. This is also true even for those who are mechanically inclined, as this type of installation should be approached with extreme caution. A single mistake is enough to compromise the entire garage door system, leaving you and your family in great vulnerability.

Without expert knowledge, the risk of serious injury is always there. Keep in mind that a garage door opener installation requires vast knowledge of different areas, including electrical wiring, knowing the required horsepower necessary for certain garage door weights, and ensuring the overall safety measures to work properly. Our experts here at Better Place Garage Doors can take care of all aspects of when it comes to this type of installation. Do not hesitate to contact us if you think your garage door is having issues with its opener. We are here to help!

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