Garage Door Spring Repair
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To repair garage door damage effectively, you need a lot of expertise and understanding. It’s advisable to browse around first if you’re seeking for dependable experts to do a job successfully. We are not equal, even if garage door services and businesses may all serve the same doors.

Different firms may provide various services. Some services, like repairs, are the specialty of other firms. We have specialized services such as garage door spring repair and garage door spring replacement. Fortunately, Better Place  Garage Doors offers a wide range of services.

Garage Door Spring Repair

Because the springs are in charge of raising and balancing your garage door, a damaged spring is quite dangerous. One of our areas of expertise is fixing garage door springs.

Our experienced technicians are equipped with more than 100 different varieties of garage door springs, and they have the skills and expertise to choose the one that will work best for your garage door.

If you’re experiencing problems with your garage door springs and want one of our professionals to remove your flawed spring system, change with the best brands in the industry.

We are 7 days a week services available. Contact us to replace the torsion and extension springs on your malfunctioning garage door. 

What are garage door springs and how do they work?

The garage door torsion spring is only one of several components that work together to make up your garage door. The torsion spring has to be in good shape and appropriately connected to the garage door in order for the garage door to close and open smoothly.


A typical residential garage door weighs more than 150 lbs. The weight is much higher for metal doors or multi-car garages. The torsion spring of a garage door serves as a mechanical energy reservoir. 


That is, the torsion spring rotates on a horizontal bar installed above the door in addition to the garage door cables. When the garage door is closed, the torsion spring gets tighter; when it is opened, it gets looser.

Our Garage Door Spring Repair Best Practices

It makes no difference if the spring is a torsion spring or an extension spring that has broken. For you, we offer the ideal answer. The size, pressure, and lift of garage door springs vary from one another.

To estimate and install the correct springs for your unique garage door, our team of skilled garage door repair specialists has received the necessary training. We always have a large variety of garage door spring sizes and types on hand to guarantee that we can repair your springs quickly and efficiently.

Because garage door springs retain a lot of force, replacing them is a difficult and risky procedure. We developed best practices that all of our technicians adhere to as a result.

Replacing Both Springs. In order to do a successful garage door repair, we must first determine how many garage door springs were used to manufacture the door. We can repair those garage door springs from here. While only needing two garage door extension springs, you can have either one or two garage door torsion springs.

We will still repair both garage door springs even if there is just one broken extension or torsion spring. This is due to the way these springs cooperate. Because of this, changing just one garage door spring may result in an uneven lift and an out-of-track garage door.

Using the Right Springs. We always utilize the absolute best garage door springs while providing our expert garage door repair services. With a usable life of many years and more than 10,000 cycles, these springs provide a high cycle that enhances durability.

Safety Inspection. To guarantee that all of the materials and hardware of your garage are in top functioning order, our experienced experts always begin each service with a thorough inspection. Additionally, we incorporate some of the greatest techniques into our garage door replacement solutions. This is because we want to provide our clients with the highest level of safety while still providing an effective service.

What Happens When the Springs Break?

You won’t be able to open it and it will feel the full load of the garage door while attempting to lift it manually if you have a broken garage door spring. Verifying that springs are the source of the issue is the first step. 

It’s not difficult to find damaged springs; all you have to do is check to see if the springs for your garage door are still intact. You may be positive that the springs are the cause of your garage problem if you notice many parts or that they are beginning to break. We think it is time to have spring repair and spring replacement. 

The usage of your garage door may become hazardous if the springs fail. We advise you to get in touch with a reputable repair business as quickly as you detect the issue. On the same day, we are able to offer spring repair and spring replacement.

We don’t charge more on the weekends because we are open seven days a week. We recommend you contact technical experts like ours to repair your garage door springs, whether they are broken torsion springs or broken extension springs.

In addition to getting a better outcome, working with experts may help you avoid future issues like broken garage door cables or damaged rollers.

Types of Garage Door Springs

Torsion and extension springs are the two types of garage door springs that our professionals most commonly repair.

Torsion Springs

The purpose of torsion garage door springs is to store mechanical energy. Combining garage door cables offers this. This facilitates the torsion spring on the garage door’s overhead horizontal bar. The torsion spring is twisted, which causes it to wind up when the garage door is closed and unwind when it is opened.

Advantages of Torsion Springs

• There is a good value for the money.
• Torsion springs are simple to use and can be quickly changed to fit your own garage door.
• It offers unique durability.

Disadvantages of Torsion Springs

• Installing torsion springs in a garage door has few noticeable problems. They are more costly than garage door extension springs, which is a noticeable disadvantage.

Extension Springs

Tension springs are another name for extension garage door springs. These garage door springs have the ability to lengthen as they raise and lower the garage door. To do this, apply force to bring the extended garage door back to its initial position.

Advantages of Extension Springs

• Garage door extension springs are less costly than their equivalents.

Disadvantages of Extension Springs

• Torsion springs for garage doors are more durable than extension springs.

What Not to Do After the Springs Break

Opening your garage door manually is one of the things you should absolutely avoid doing. If its garage door springs are part of this framework, they will almost certainly fail since garage doors are so hefty. Without the proper assistance, lifting the garage door may be quite dangerous. 

This is due to the fact that nothing is preventing the garage door from coming loose and badly hurting anyone who is below this building. Not to mention that manually lifting your garage door puts your garage door opener, rollers, and wires at risk of harm.

The Dangers of Replacing the Garage Door Spring Yourself

One of the fundamental safety precautions that every homeowner should be aware of is not to attempt to fix a damaged garage door spring on their own. Because of the enormous force that these springs are placed under, replacing garage door springs is a very risky undertaking.

If these garage door springs become damaged, the structure of the garage door is unstable and may collapse at any time. As a result, only experts should be trusted to provide the necessary replacement services.

why trust us to replace your garage door springs?

We have skilled and knowledgeable professionals on our staff that can fix any garage door issue you could have. Every day of the week, we offer same-day service because we recognize that having damaged garage door springs is an emergency.

You can be sure that our outstanding garage door spring repair and spring replacement services will cost you less in the long run thanks to their reasonable costs. We can adjust your garage springs quickly, and our spring repair services also shield other components of your door frame from potential harm.

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