Garage Door cable replacement in & Around Pasadena, MD.

A broken or damaged garage door cable can take a lot of the safety and utility out of your garage doors. If you’re in or around Pasadena, Maryland, though, you don’t have to worry! Give us a call and we can offer you:

How Garage Door Cables Work?

Garage door cables have a few uses in your garage. The most often thought of cables help the garage door open and close but other cables can help in case of an emergency like a power failure or help keep parts in place if they break.

The basic idea is simple. When you press the command on the control panel or remote, the system starts to run and the motor helps the garage door move along the track. The cables help pull the garage door along.

Functioning cables will pull your garage door evenly. If one of the cables breaks, it puts additional stress on the cable on the opposite side of the door, wearing it out more quickly.

Common Garage Door Cable Issues

There are a few problems you may run into with your garage door cables. If one snaps, it needs to be replaced completely. You’ll want to call us as soon as possible too. Continuing to use a garage door with a snapped cable puts additional stress on the remaining cable. It won’t take long for this treatment to wear the remaining cable out.

Another common problem is a garage door cable slipping out of place. This happens when the cable comes off of the drum that holds it. If the drum or cable is improperly sized, this situation is a lot more likely. Our team of highly-trained professionals can help assess the equipment you need to best suit your garage!

Signs That You Need to Replace Your Garage Door Cables

There are a few key signs your garage door cables need to be replaced. The best indicator is how your garage door moves – or doesn’t – when you command it open or closed.

If your garage door doesn’t move at all, it’s obvious something is wrong. The garage door cable is a potential culprit here although a few components could go wrong to cause this.

A sign that more clearly points to problems with garage door cables is the door opening and closing unevenly. If you see one side sagging more than the other, odds are one of the cables has slipped or broken.

Different Types of Garage Door Cables

You have three types of cables working in your garage door system. This includes:

● Lifting cables

● Retaining cables

● Emergency release cables

Lifting cables are what help your garage doors open and close. They run through the overhead system for your garage door and down the doors themselves, offering more support. These cables do a lot of work and are usually the first to be affected by garage door cable damage due to their heavy use.

Retaining cables – also called safety cables – are only present if you use a garage with extension springs rather than torsion springs. Instead of moving the garage door, these are meant to help prevent the springs from snapping fully away from their housing.

Finally, emergency release cables are handy if your garage door motor malfunctions or the power goes out. Using the emergency release cable, you can safely move the garage door manually.

The Importance Of Safety Cables

Safety or retaining cables are crucial if you have extension spring cables. These cables only come into effect when the spring breaks but they aren’t a component that you want to skip out on.

Extension springs are often noted as a more dangerous option than torsion springs. This is because if a torsion spring breaks, it stays relatively in place. On the other hand, if an extension spring breaks, there’s the risk that it will shoot out of place, creating an unexpected and dangerous projectile in your garage. After all, it’s a piece of broken metal soaring through the air with some force.

Safety cables help keep an extension spring in place when it breaks. This way, there’s no risk of that sudden dangerous movement an extension spring can bring about when it snaps.

why trust us to replace your garage door cables?

If you have trouble with your garage door cables in or around Pasadena, MD, just give us a call!

Our expert technicians are highly-trained to help you with any of your garage door needs. Even more convenient for you, they’re available seven days a week, so you don’t have to wait long at all to get your garage back!

When we arrive, our technicians will take a look at the situation and update you on the solution and an estimate before getting to work. We’ll keep you in the loop through the whole process.

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